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You might have never really heard about muscle pumps, but you should have. Muscle pumps can help catapult your way to a toned and curvy physique. With some good strength thrown in too!

And there’s no shame in it…not much anyway. You’re either not working hard enough, or you’re not supplementing right. Luckily for you though, we’ve found the absolute best pre workout for pump.

A muscle pump is a feeling of extreme pleasure. Alpha female confidence, puppy excitement and psycho motivation flood your brain as those endorphins get released.

It’s ace. But in order to truly achieve this pysiological zen, you must first understand what they actually are….

What is a muscle pump?


A muscle pump is when your muscles swell up during a workout. This is because in order to keep working your body is firing blood to that particular muscle in use. They occur when the time the muscle is under tension increases, with the excess blood flow stretching out the muscle in use.

The benefit of a muscle pump isn’t just so you feel absolutely jacked though, it actually helps prevent the breakdown of muscle through enhancing protein synthesis. As if that wasn’t enough though, dat sick pump can also decrease the natural breakdown of muscle over time.

Brad Schoenfield, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., co authored a study covering exactly this. And the scientific reasoning for the gains made from a pump is; “Your cells have to adapt to the extra pressure by reinforcing the strength of their walls,”.

So aiming for a pump when you train a certain muscle is pretty important, especially if you want to be packing on gains.

For best results you want to be hitting isolation exercises and keeping the tension up on the muscle for longer than normal. Work hard. Then work harder than that. Pussy.

Best pre workout for pump


If you’re chasing that pump then a pre workout can give you the biggest kick above anything else you can do. With the right exercises and a pump focused pre workout, you can achieve a monster muscle pump easier than ever before.

To achieve a monstrous pump, that is probably even better than cumming you need to be checking out 4 Gauge by Roar Ambition.

4 Gauge uses a blend of 10 scientifically dosed ingredients and rigorous athlete testing to ensure a pre workout that delivers a pump like no other.

  • Best muscle pumps we’ve had
  • Workout for longer, harder 
  • No energy crashes or pre workout comedowns
  • 100% natural ingredients, nothing artificial

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Ingredients that give you muscle pumps


You can get a muscle pump without any supplements at all. But where is the fun in a short lived or completely missed pump? Getting a pre workout with the right blend of ingredients in guarantees you that thick pulsing feeling in your muscles as you go for max on your bicep curls.

Not all ingredients are created equal when it comes to an immortal pump though. But luckily, we’ve experimented with most. If only you could see our veins as we hammer at the keyboard like a laptop weilding thor.

So here’s 3 essential ingredients to keep an eye out for that’ll get you an insane pump.

#1 L-Citrulline

We should just be listing this ingredient 3 times over here. L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is found in watermelons. It boosts up nitric oxide and gets blood vessels dilated.  This increases muscular endurance and increases blood flow. Your veins become thick and you become powerful. It’s up to you whether or not you turn green and rip your clothes off as the monster pump kicks in.

#2 Red Beet Root Extract

While L-Citrulline is the king of pumps, Red Beet is the queen. Basically Red Beet will massively support the L-Citrulline you’ve supplemented by increasing plasma nitrate in your body.

This then leads to an increase in nitric oxide and increases blood flow. Pump time.

We’ve put red beet on this list as it’s one of the only natural extracts that can be directly attributed to getting you a pump.

#3 L-Arginine (Sort of)

We’ve got a sort of here, because this is one of the most widely used amino acids that’s thought to get you a pump. Whilst there are some benefits to l-arginine supplementation, when it comes to pumps it’s a bit of a deflated pump.

In short, when you supplement l-citrulline, it’s converted in l-arginine in the body. It’s this that helps deliver the pump. So it’d make sense to supplement L-Arginine directly right?

Sadly not.

L-arginine isn’t as effective as l-citrulline as when it reaches the stomach it’s broken down and not used to raise levels of nitric oxide, or at least not as effectively as l-citrulline.

How to get the ultimate arm pump


Now you know which pre workout is going to deliver you that unreal muscle pump, we want to make sure you go out and get that skin splitting feeling you’re aiming for.

What better muscle to get a pump in than your arms??? Other than maybe your dick.

Combining 4 Gauge pre workout with this short arm workout is going to get you feeling absolutely jacked. You’ll have to turn sideways just to get out of the gym door.

Here’s our simple, yet aggressive workout to deliver the ultimate arm pump:

EXERCISE 1 and 2
Superset 1
A1 BB drag curl
A2 EZ bar preacher curl
8-15 reps on each

3 sets in total

For drag curl you focus on pushing your elbows back and literally dragging the bar up your abs towards your lower ribs.

EXERCISE 3 and 4
Triceps superset
A1 Cable rope extensions – 8-15 reps
A2 Decline DB skullcrusher – 6-10 reps

3 supersets in total

Seated incline DB curls – mechanical drop set
Start with a weight that pushes you to fatigue within 15 reps
Set 1 – bench at 60 degree
Set 2 – bench at 45 degrees
Set 3 – bench upright
Set 4 – lean forwards slightly

2 rounds in total

Narrow grip dips
As many reps as possible ‘AMRAP’

3 sets in total

Finish and feel that pump. And also cry tomorrow when you can’t lift your arms over your head. Or hold your loved ones.

How to get a muscle pump with 4 Gauge4Gauge bottle as teh best pre workout for women

As we’ve mentioned 4 Gauge is without a doubt the best workout to deliver a godlike muscle pump.

In order to get the most out of it, we found a few tips for supplementation to get best pump results…

#1 Take your pre workout 15 minutes before you start training

Pre workouts might recommend you take them 30 minutes before training. But we prefer the full force of the supplement to kick in after our first few exercises and carry through to the end of the set. This ensures you’re getting pumped up and hammering out reps for days after your muscle is first fatigued…

#2 Take 1 scoop before, 1 scoop during

If you’re going to be hammering through a big session then this works well. Take 1 scoop before your workout and keep levels topped up by having a second scoop as you first work through. This way you’ll be keeping levels of nitric oxide, caffeine and everything else topped up.

Just keep pushing and chase that pump.

#3 Don’t overdo the water

300ml is the absolute max. By adding millions of gallons of water, you’re diluting it down and making it more likely you’re going to have to go to the toilet constantly through your workout. Don’t take this point the wrong way and end up a pre workout pumped dehydrated mess though.

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