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Pre workout supplements change the game when it comes to boosting your motivation, energy and results. And as a women who classes herself as a beginner to exercise, they really make a difference. 

It’s tough to build up the momentum to make changes to your body.

For the first few weeks of any fitness program it can be challenging enough  to even get to the gym. Let alone work hard when you’re there.

That’s where a pre workout comes.

Even if you don’t see yourself winning the national athletics championships, playing competitive sports or competing in a bikini or figure competition, it doesn’t matter.

We all need a boost no matter what level we’re at.

In this article we break down the benefits of a pre workout for beginners and tell you the nutrients you need to aim for to make the most out of your gym workouts.

Read on if you want to completely transform your body and mind and break the beginner cycle…

Beginner exercise is all about building positive habits

Unfortunately many beginners to exercise don’t achieve their goals. According to statistics from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, only 20% of women achieve successful weight loss.


Because it’s hard.

You start off full to the brim with motivation and willingness to get where you need to be. You maybe lose a few pounds to begin with too.


But as the weeks pass, the gym gets slightly less interesting than it used to be. You aren’t progressing as quickly and each workout gets harder as you try to push your body to new heights of fitness.

Not only that, the diet you’re following is leaving you low on energy too.

All of a sudden it’s getting tough to get off the settee and make that long drive to the gym.

You need motivation!

And you need it fast.

What Is a Pre Workout?

Pre workout supplements help you fight daily fatigue and get your body ready for the best workout ever.

Made up of all-natural vitamins, minerals and nutrient compounds, pre workout supplements supercharge your body in a number of different ways.

  • Increased energy, stamina and endurance – you can work harder, for longer, without fatigue or exhaustion.
  • More strength and power – escape the embarrassing feeling of beginner weights by ramping up your abilities from day one.
  • Improved blood flow – good pre workouts help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles, helping you tackle even the most challenging of classes or workouts.

Beginner woman in the gym performing goblet squats

Best pre-workouts for women 2021

What to look for in your pre workout

Pre workout supplements target every strand of your physiology. They cover all bases, optimizing results by triggering hormonal, neural and physical changes in your body that give you the best workouts possible.

In other words, they’ve got you covered from all angles!

Pre workouts jolt your heart and vascular system to give you energy and hack your brain to keep you on track and tuned in to the job at hand. Your muscles receive the nutrients they need to keep on working, and your nervous system receives the signals it needs to really ramp up power, speed and strength.

Much like any other kind of supplement, you’ll get some that contain only low-dosed nutrients. And you’ll get those one in a million products that tick every box and make you feel inhuman.

You have to do your research.

The best beginner pre workouts use stimulants such as caffeine to switch off the adenosine receptors. This helps to boost workout power by enhancing bran activity and sharpness.

L-theanine and rhodiola rosea are often added to help you avoid caffeine over-stimulation and increase focus.

Red beet and citrulline malate improve blood flow and aerobic performance. And if you get a superior product that has added creatine added to it, you can expect to see your strength fly off the chart too.

Blonde-haired female athlete in black sportswear on black background

A pre workout takes you from a beginner to athlete standard

Gym confusion memeWe remember it well. Those first few weeks at the gym are horrible because you’re exhausted easily and even light weights feel like you’ve entered a powerlifting competition.

You start off with hopes of smashing the gym, when really you’re so tired that you hardly put a dent in you workout, let alone push yourself to your limits.

Gyms can be intimidating too as a beginner.

You feel out of place and conscious of you weaknesses.

As a female beginner, you might feel out of place and not completely sure if you’re working hard enough to make gains or reach your goals. Or where you need to be to work efficiently and reach your targets fast.

A pre workout gives you the energy to reach levels of fitness to match the most experienced gym goer.

Pre workouts gives you the mental resolve to not give a sh*t about being a beginner. And it takes you to athlete-like levels of stamina and strength that’ll blow the doors off your limitations.

Best pre-workouts for women 2021

Not all pre workout supplements are aggressive

One concern you may have as a beginner is that your pre workout might be too much to handle.

Much like giving a new driver a supercharged turbo sports car, some of the more aggressive can be difficult to handle.

The best pre workouts for women use balanced and clinically-dosed ingredient profiles – even for beginners.

So don’t worry – there are products out there just for you.

Best pre workout for female beginners

There are a lot of pre workouts out there. And while they don’t all market to beginners, it’s can still be confusing when it comes to making the right choice.

We know exactly what’ll make you tick… and what’ll make you sick.

Luckily for you, the SpotMeGirl team have spent hours and hours trialing and testing pre workout supplements targeting beginners.

And we know the best choice for you…

Pre Workout for Female Beginners

4 Gauge – Our number one female pre workout for beginners

Specifically designed to boost strength, stamina, endurance and motivation, 4 Gauge is our number one beginner’s pre workout choice.

Formulated with only natural, clinically-dosed nutrients such as citrulline malate, red beet, rhodiola rosea and just enough caffeine – 4 Gauge will tear off the shackles of being a beginner and help you explode as a more experienced, competent gym-goer.

  • Clean energy – Channel your energy without a cloudy head or jitters.
  • Focus and motivation – Make your workouts count, time and time again.
  • Stamina and endurance – Achieve near-athlete levels of cardio and weight training ability.

Key features – why it’s out number one

4 Gauge contains only 150 mg of caffeine per serving. That’s enough to give you a sharp boost in energy, without the side effects.

The added L-theanine helps to push energy to where you need it most, by synergizing with caffeine to form an effective, brain-powering nootropic effect.

This premium supplement doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. Instead, it’s flavored with coconut water (which also provides electrolytes) as well as other natural flavorings.

Its fruit punch taste is energizing, fresh and easy to drink when you’re in a rush.

The ingredients in 4 Gauge come together to form the best pre workout that we’ve used in a long time… and we’ve tried a lot. It might come with a slightly heavier price-tag than some of the lower-dosed products out there – but you’re definitely getting what you pay for here.

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Best pre-workouts for women 2021

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