Google+ Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein Powder Review

Her Whey Protein Powder Review

Best Protein Powder for Women Rating: Her Wheyher whey amazon

Protein Quality: (7 / 10)

Protein Yield:     (5.5 / 10)

Taste:                   (7.5 / 10)

Weight Loss:       (8 / 10)

OVERALL:       (7 / 10)


 Main Features

  • Protein powder blend is a mix of whey protein isolate and casein protein
  • Has a complete protein profile that will provide additional essential amino acids to your diet
  • Contains 3.8 calories per ounce, anything under 4 is considered good for weight loss
  • Includes artificial and natural sweeteners to enhance taste


Her Whey Packaging

Her Whey Packaging

If you’re looking for a protein powder with smooth taste and great benefits to your workout, take a closer look at Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein, made by NLA for her. Her Whey is a great source of protein for use before or after a tough workout, for women looking to gain lean muscle and sculpt a better body.

A big issue among protein powders for women can be the taste, but Her Whey features a smooth, sweet Vanilla Cupcake flavor, which works great by itself, mixed with almond or soy milk, or blends well into a smoothie of any flavor. It’s easy to drink and not at all grainy or chalky. Through our taste testing of many different types of protein powders for women, Her Whey tested high in the taste category, so it’s easy to see what a great option it would be for you.

Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein not only tastes good, but it is full of nutritional benefits to amp up your workout, keep your body satisfied and strong, and allow you to work out at your max performance level. It contains 28 grams of protein in the two scoop serving in the form of whey isolate; you get a whole spectrum of amino acids in those two scoops, as well as many added vitamins and minerals essential for a woman’s body, including calcium and folic acid. The product yields 56% protein per serving, which is on the lower end when it comes to protein powders we tested. Her Whey contains dairy and soy ingredients, as well as natural and artificial flavoring, and also boasts a “Lean mass promoting” complex containing various ingredients such as sunflower oil to nourish your body to work and compete at its best. At only 190 calories per serving, you can worry less about your waistline, and more about your workout.

Her Whey Shake From the Side

Her Whey Shake From the Side

Taken before a workout, Her Whey can energize and prep your body, so that you can lift, run, swim, or play your heart out feeling strong and ready. The 28 grams of lean protein keep your body full and focused on the task at hand, so you can concentrate more on your performance and work and less on having a snack or making it to your next meal. Our taste testers found the product easy to digest, as well as filling an energizing through their workouts.

Taken after a workout, Her Whey offers great recovery benefits, as the protein replenishes and nourishes your body and muscles, and the added amino acids produce added benefits of faster recovery time, so you can get back out there and train faster, giving you max benefits in the gym. Feeding your muscles post-workout can allow you more quality training time and less chance for injury and problems.


Looking Down Into Her Whey Shake

Looking Down Into Her Whey Shake

Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein is not only a great pre and post workout snack, but also can be used as an energy boosting snack or meal in the form of a drink, smoothie, or in recipes. Increasing your protein consumption in your daily meals with allow you to stay fuller longer, keep temptations at bay, and stay alert and focused as you go throughout your busy day.

Looking at the price of Her Whey, we can see that it’s a good buy for the money, as it costs around XX cents per ounce; you are getting quality, tasty, pure whey isolate for a good price, and the large canister will last you through many hard workouts and recoveries, so you can worry more about your next set of reps and less about filling your shopping cart.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of Her Whey:


  • Sweet vanilla cupcake flavor with a hint of cinnamon
  • 28g of lean protein in an easy to drink, not grainy powder
  • Loads of extra vitamins and minerals made for a woman’s body and needs
  • Gluten Free and Sugar Free
  • Good protein yeild


  • Contains artificial flavors
  • Lower protein yield of 56%


Her Whey is a great option if you’re a woman looking for a protein powder to amp up your performance, control your cravings, or just have a tasty, nutritional beverage. It’s tasty, easy to drink, and full of nutritional benefits to leave you feeling your best. Choosing Her Whey as your pre or post workout drink offers numerous benefits to your performance, without worrying about bulk or calories.

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