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Lean Dessert Protein Powder Review

Best Protein Powder for Women Rating: Lean Dessert by BSNlean dessert

 Protein Quality: (7 / 10)

Protein Yield:     (7 / 10)

Taste:                   (6.5 / 10)

Weight Loss:       (7.5 / 10)

OVERALL:       (7 / 10)


Main Features

  • Includes a broad protein blend containing whey concentrate, casein, whey isolate, and egg albumen
  • A complete protein profile with a mix of slow and fast digesting proteins
  • 4.2 calories per gram of protein powder
  • Includes artificial and natural sweeteners to enhance taste, aspartame free



Lean Dessert Packaging

Many women out there who are concerned about their body and fitness are having trouble finding a protein powder mix that is made for them.  This means a product that works to give a lean profile without building large amounts of muscle.  If you find that we have just described you then a protein powder that you may want to consider is Lean Dessert by BSN.

We say this because Lean Dessert’s focus is on lean muscle and weight management.  There are 21 grams of protein in each 35 gram serving.  This equates to a moderate protein yield of 60%, which is in the middle ground compared to the other protein powders we have tested.  We were surprised to see that this protein powder has 8 grams of carbohydrates, one of the highest amounts out of the protein powders we have tested.  This protein powder is aspartame free, however, it does include other artificial sweeteners so it may not be a great choice for those who have a strictly clean diet.

Lean Dessert Shake Side View

Lean Dessert Shake Side View

Let’s take a moment to look more closely at the protein blend offered by Lean Dessert.  As we mentioned in the main features Lean Dessert by BSN has one of the more broad protein blends we’ve seen.  The main protein source is whey concentrate, which is likely where the carbohydrates are coming from.  Casein protein is the second most common type of protein in Lean Dessert.  As you can see from our main page, casein protein is a slow digesting protein that is best taking before bed to give it time to absorb.  Egg protein rounds out the list of protein sources.

As a weight loss supplement Lean Dessert would be a good choice, but there may be some better option available.  It offers 4.2 calories per gram of protein powder.  While this is a low number there are other options out there that offer a lower per gram calorie amount such as FitMiss Delight and Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60.  That said Lean Dessert should be able to provide you with hours of

Looking Down into Cup with Lean Dessert Shake

Looking Down into Cup with Lean Dessert Shake

fullness due to the slow absorbing casein protein making it a better selection than most protein powders for weight loss.

What about the taste of the Lean Dessert protein powder from BSN?  Well, the taste of the Lean Dessert was rated to be in the average range compared to other protein powder options.  It is less sweet than some of the other protein powders that include artificial sweeteners.  This powder is not grainy so it does have a smooth texture.  This was the thickest protein powder for women we tested as it is recommended to use only 4 ounces of water per serving rather than the typical 8 ounces that we see with other protein powders.

Price wise Lean Dessert is a reasonable $0.88 per ounce.  It typically comes in a 1.38 pound container that offers 18 one scoop servings.  Budget conscious buyers will find that Lean Dessert is a good option that still provides good quality protein.


  • Artificial sweetener does not contain aspartame
  • Those looking for a shake with thicker consistency will like Lean Dessert
  • Contains casein protein which makes it a good choice for a bedtime snack
  • Best for women looking to lose weight or want a low calorie option to curb cravings


  • Higher amount of carbs per serving than other protein powders
  • 60% protein yield lower than some other options

Sum It Up

Looking at the protein blend and overall makeup of Lean Dessert we believe it to be a good choice for women looking for a low calorie late night snack.  The casein protein in this mix will digest through the night slowly and keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.  If you are on a low carb diet then there other options that actually have less carbs even though Lean Dessert’s carb amount only equates to 3% of your daily recommended value.

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